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These days, headphones are essential for going out. At the busy road, we can constantly see people wearing headphones, as though it has turned into a custom. However, did you realize that if we do not select the ideal ones or use them properly, it is going to influence our hearing? Do you understand how to select the proper earphones and how to use them properly?


How to pick the ideal earphones?

Watch earphone kind: if it becomes the crucial digital accessory at the life, lots of individuals would select earphone kind in accordance with their particular profession when picking earphone, utilize the scene to select earphone kind, which sort of earphone can select particular scene and different profession?


1.1 Sports – Should you exercise daily, sports headphones should be light and comfortable. What is way to check if the headset is comfortable and light enough? Broadly, the lighter substances are nickel-titanium memory metal and plastic sheeting gel. Both of these sorts of substances are more comfortable and more flexible, so they’re easy to store and won’t bring you some exercise burden.

If you’re ready to listen to music in the street, then a solid insulation great mobile headphones, or even an in-ear earplugs is the first option, of course if both security, then the bone conduction headphones is also an excellent option, although likely will fall with regard to sound quality, however having the ability to take into account the surroundings, the safety is to provide help.

After knowing the substance, it’s crucial to understand what sports headphones are representative of. The more mobile and comfortable exercise earphones are bone conduction headphones and neck hanging headphones. They’re encouraged by the ears and throat, which can lessen the weight brought from the earphones to the best extent and also make it much easier to exercise.


1.2 Daily Entertainment – watching and playing games will be the entertainment actions that have to be done daily. If you want a better entertainment experience, immerse yourself in your own world.

Then select a headset with greater sound insulation. The headset normally has a comfortable earpiece covering the ear, and this could isolate the outside sound, and deliver comfortable wearing experience and immersion influence on the grounds of sound reduction. If you’re essentially listen to audio in the house, the little space which has a man or woman isn’t afraid of bothering others, so purchase the significant earphone of available style had improved.


1.3. Business commuting – For business people who needs to have phone call at anytime or anywhere, at this moment, it’s required to pick a mono Bluetooth headset using call. The benefit of unilateral Bluetooth headset is it may track the noise of their surrounding environment on the grounds of the warranty of hearing.

So as to ease the operation, it’s much better to settle on a commuter company headset which may be entirely controlled without cellular phone, so it is more suitable to sail or push outside, which also reduces any security dangers.


Consider the link style: The earphone link style available on the marketplace can be broken into wired link style and wireless link style. Different relationship modes bring different encounter. What is the particular difference between both?


2.1 Wireless Link – The newest phones available on the market these days don’t have audio interfaces, therefore wireless headphones will be the first selection for the majority of people. Second, wireless earphones aren’t bound by wires, so they’re more suitable than wired earphones and may be utilised in a broader array of situations.

Before, the occurrence of Bluetooth might be a chicken rib, but now’s Bluetooth technologies has been quite mature, with fantastic benefits in transmission rate and energy consumption. The benefit of this Bluetooth version is it is totally on the world wide web, so it can’t just connect earphones, but sports bands, cellular phones and other smart devices.


2.2 Wired link – Wired headphones may be utilized directly by integrating them in the headset’s headset jack. The audio quality of wired headphones is generally better than wireless headset. Why? Since wired headphones don’t need to think about the transmission speed and ecological sign difficulties, sound won’t be compressed processing, so can directly attain lossless transmission.

Wired headsets are developed for a long time that the technology has to be older than wireless Bluetooth headsets. So, for the current music fans, no matter how developed Bluetooth technology is, they can barely select wireless headset. However, as its name implies, the most significant thing which has an impact on the experience of utilizing wired headphones is “wired”, which is simple to become tangled and uncontrollable, and quite tough to straighten out. Cables may also bring barriers to your motion when you’re busy.

Thus, wired earphones can only be utilized as daily amusement to follow music. Things to buy: Should you exercise or sail a good deal, elect for wireless headphones which don’t have wires. If you’re a solid excellent enthusiast or only listening to casual amusement, look at selecting a Bluetooth headset with greater audio quality.


Additional attributes: Because of the rising popularity of earphones, now’s earphones are equipped with a few extra attributes, such as water resistance and sound reduction, along with the capability to listen to and encourage Bluetooth connection.


3.1  Waterproof purpose – As one of the most widely used digital goods in everyday life, the watertight standard can also be among the reference information we have to look closely at. The way to seem watertight standard, can consult with IPAB that regular. AB signifies two Amounts respectively, A signifies the dustproof degree, B signifies the watertight level, the bigger the number, the greater the watertight and dustproof functionality.

If it’s for the watertight section, if it’s used for daily watertight, pick the watertight degree of 4 that is sufficient to withstand daily splashing; If you’re striving for everyday rinsing or submerged swimming, then it’s encouraged to pick a watertight level.


3.2 Noise reduction role – Noble ears tend to be baptized together with the noises of nature, instead of being eroded from the discordant noises. From the assumption of appreciating great audio quality, will be to get rid of the sound.

Even though it’s not possible to completely remove the sound, at least the audio quality will probably be realistic following noise reduction.



Tips for buy: On the option of further purposes, differ from person to person, in case you’re supposed to look closely at the viability of everyday life landscape, watertight function is among the roles which must possess. If you are a treble enthusiast, it is ideal to decide on noise-cancelling earphones.

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